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Published: 28th May 2012
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Magento Catalog Filter is a brilliant tool for sorting the data based on price, size, attributes, color and many more. All the data will be back-end driven and fully dynamic. It’s Allows to edit filters of the catalog. No page reloads upon applying filters in catalog. These extensions create a column status in product list and manage the categories category products tab.

The grid filters are a plug-in for the standard grids and any derivation that keeps to the standard event model that allow for a slightly more robust representation of filtering then is provided by the default store. They provide both programmatic and graphical interface, an event model, local store filtering, and customizable parameter serialization. By default, the filters apply a new menu to the column menus. Through this menu users can configure, enable, and disable filters for each column.

Features Magento Catalog Filter: 

   ★ Select various filter types (attributes, price, and category)

   ★ Different filter form – link, dropdown, checkbox etc

   ★ Magento product list refresh when the filter is applied

   ★ Magento product list refresh upon changing quantity\sorting\view type (grid or list)

   ★ Magento filter deletion

You can access the Catalog Filter from and filter the catalog to a specific set of users and exclude any products in the master catalog that you do not want to sell at your store. You can use the Catalog Filter on B2B contracts and hosting contracts. You can select filtering for product entitlement at both the category and catalog entry level. To work with product entitlement and pricing within a contract, the Contract notebook within a Catalog Filter view. Components are around that had filtering functionality on each of the column headers. We maintain the same level of functionality even across major changes in platform. The most important functions when you’re dealing with Magento catalog, this is the filter function. It enables you to filter your collections based on an attribute’s value, for example you could find all of your products with a certain name, or all your products with a price less than a certain value. In Magento, two properties will appear as layered navigation filters without you having to do anything like Price and Categories. If you make a category, its sub-categories will display as layered navigation options. If you take a look at the image above, you’ll notice the first filter is Category and it features options like Shirts and Pants. In this example, Shirts and Pants are subcategories of the category this layered navigation block was pulled from. Price ranges are also logically picked to display as another filter. The ranges themselves are determined by the prices of products contained within. There will never be more than 10 price ranges displayed, and products will be distributed accordingly.

Magento Catalog Filter Begun working more in the e-commerce space, the primarily been using Magento as the platform. Although Magento is very powerful and easy for clients to maintain, its complex code-base can make customization quite difficult. The code for one recent feature created for a client. This would be a step-by-step process to narrow down the compatible parts based on whatever information someone knows about their roof drains.

Developing Magento Catalog Filter to increase usability of your Magento websites and this extension helps your clients to customize all necessary filters on the catalog page and apply these filters via Magento without page reloading. Users refresh the product list by choosing the quantity of items per page, sorting items by their name, position or price and viewing page as list or grid without page blinking.


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