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Published: 19th March 2012
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Magento Image Slider : It is a very powerful and useful module for Magento e-commerce, if you are running a online business then this Magento extension will surely lighten your featured area and specialty in Magento shop.
It helps the store owners to showcase their featured products on their home page via image so that end user easily impressed. The retailer products will glide either horizontally or vertically.
You can control the slide (horizontal/vertical) via admin panel to the end users and choose between horizontal or vertical slides via image. It hardly requires any technical knowledge. All you have to do is set the values once and rest will be done by the extension itself.
Using this extension you can also upload images (banners) and link those to a desired page in the slider rather than showing actual featured products.
Image Slideing give you some awesome features it’s is very easy to install you can put in on any CMS page or template its totally free no cost you can set your desire setting via admin panel set the speed hide the buttons at the bottom simply the best Magento extension. So you don't have need to edit your Magento website template for each new image, banner, or advertisement etc with the module , you get a highly-professional and easily customizable images which will improve your home slider for advertising experience via using Google Image.
The Magento Slider comes in different variants so one of the varient is image. There is an auto mode, which can be turned on and off. You can define how many panels there will be and how long the slider will display a panel before sliding to the next one. You can place content of your choice in the panels: text, images, links, and videos. The slider can be used in template files, as well as in CMS pages. Handy navigation - go to the previous, next, or to a specific panel, stop the auto mode, play in auto mode. You can use it to present the highlights of your store or as an attractive intro on your home page. Here are some brilliant features of this


★ Compatible with iPhone and iPad

★ All Browser Slideshow Support

★ Random Images Option

★ Image Upload/delete/update from admin

★ Unlimited Image Upload

★ Inbuilt 30 Animation Styles

★ Unlimited Images

★ Ability to link the images

★ Ability to Show thumbs or captions

★ Switch ON/OFF Captions

★ Switch ON/OFF Navigation

★ Switch ON/OFF Slide Numbers

★ Ability to show caption to the slideshow images

★ Compatible with all the modern browsers

★ Compatible with Magento1.4, Magento1.5, Magento1.6+
And many more

How to use Magento Image Slider Extension:

Using this module is super simple , after downloading this module you’ll get a zip file , extract that zip file you’ll get two folder
1 - App
2 – Skin
Just move these two folders two your Magento root folder, that’s it your module has been installed now. (This folder will not overwrite Magento files). After successful installation, you’ll see Magento slider menu in the back-end as per below image
Now you can manage Magento slideshow images and parameters directly from your Magento admin . It’s that simple How to call Magento Image Slider plug-in: Calling of this module is super simple; just call the following code in any cms page
{{block type=”skitterslideshow/skitterslideshow” template=”skitterslideshow/skitterslideshow.phtml”}}
This extension allows you to add a really attractive slider to your store homepage to showcase featured products, promotions and more. Sliders can be leveraged to educate customers about your store, philosophy and values in a very user friendly way. All aspects of the Magik Slider can be customized to fit your requirements.

Outstanding Features:

  • Images can be added/removed from admin panel with information: title, url, description

  • Allows uploading images and links to go to their detail pages

There having other feature like Magento provides the product image slider. This features gives your web page a beautiful look. Magento product is a very easy and comfortable way to show pictures. This awesome module displays your module in a very sleek style. This is working in the all modern browsers. Effect of this is used to add and display your images and Magento provide the best e-commerce environment. When its comes along with Magento, working of image slider become easier. That's why Magento product is easy to use. Webkul provide Magento Image Slider for enhanced website development services and web2.0 development, facebook,myspace,orkut and other opensocial application development. We also have expertise in C.M.S like Joomla(Extension Programming,Template Development). We also provide ERP Development,CRM solutions and E-commerce service (Magento,Virtumart). Contact us for any of your web development requirement and receive a free quote development.

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